Tuesday, April 29, 2008

advanced techniques assignment_multiple flash

i was supposed to post this picture quite a while ago. what can i say, i'm a serial procrastinator.


andrei said...

Holy shit! You're back to life. Pretty damn' good multiple flash. What's up with the Paquin towers pictures all over the blogosphere?

Si zici ca nu mai pui poze pe blog, 'te-n gura!

cata said...

yeah, dude, alive and kickin' again:)
i had some troubles with the multiple flash thing. it's pretty hard to control, so it took me quite a while until i figured out how to place the flashes, and then figure out and acceptable lighting ratio.
the paquin pictures are the result of a one-day workshop taught by danny wilcox frazier here at the J-school. the participants, 11 pj students, were assigned to follow 11 paquin residents. i ended up following two different people that day because marlene, the first person that i followed, had to leave at 1 pm.
it was great day!!! and all the shooters cam back with some amazing shots from there. i guess being around danny inspired us all.
there's a multimedia project that it's being put together these days with the work that resulted from that day. it will be posted on the photojournalism section website pretty soon.

am zis doar ca iau o pauza bre. m-am cam sucarit pe neste chestii p'aci si am simtit ca tre' sa stau nitel deoparte si sa gindesc problema. atita tot. multumesc pt " 'te-n gura". ve doresc si dumneavoastra asemenea:)