Tuesday, April 29, 2008

advanced techniques assignment_multiple flash

i was supposed to post this picture quite a while ago. what can i say, i'm a serial procrastinator.

Monday, April 28, 2008

paquin tower

take a great organizer - jamie kanki - an awesome photographer - danny wilcox frazier- and eleven photo-j students eager to push their limits in search for their personal visions, mix all these ingredients together and you'll get the best day of this semester. that day was on friday and made me realize how many talented people i have the chance to meet with every day at this school.

marlene johnson

marlene is 43 and she is suffering from severe arthritis. she moved to columbia five years ago to meet her soul sister and she has lived at paquin for the last four years. she is moving out on monday. she said it is time for her to move on. marlene is a big fan of wwe wrestler john cena. she said she never misses his fights.

gwen ervin

ervin is 65 and he recently moved to paquin tower. he lost his right leg in august 2007. initially the doctors amputated only his toes because they were frost bitten. the leg didn't heal and they had to amputate it over the knee. ervin is from florida and at the time he started having problems with his leg he was living in waynesville, mo. he has no friends or relatives in columbia but he wants to stay and live here.

Monday, April 7, 2008

golf and layers

i've been trying to work on the layering lately. first impressions? it's not easy. but it's fun. this is what i came up with today at the old hawthorne golf club in columbia. mizzou golf players taught some golf lessons to 8th grade and younger kids.

i miss (real) football

yeah, i know people here call it soccer but i don't like to call it like that. this is football 'cause people who play it kick the ball with their feet!!! makes sense, no?
anyway, here this is a sport for women. from where i come from this is a sport for men. i had this interesting conversation today with a friend. i was trying to explain to her that when women play it this sport loses a lot of its beauty. i am not a misogynist pig. i just think that girls are better than guys at some sports and vice versa. she didn't agree with me.