Sunday, December 23, 2007

White and wet

A snowstorm hit Columbia, Mo on Saturday night, December 23. A young woman cut her way through the wet flakes around 9 pm on 9th Street.

Sled? No, Santa rides a Harley

The Mid America Harley-Davidson shop in Columbia, MO, had everything but a Santa Claus, until yesterday.

Jay Morgan Sr. spent some time yesterday with customers' kids.

Football...The American version (color)

I wasn't sure which version would work better. So, I'm starting with the color.
MU Tigers had the best season in the team's history. Now the players are getting ready for the January 1, 2008 Cotton Bowl that will be played in Dallas.

Warming up

Defense practice

Mizzou Tigers Head Coach Gary Pinkel and the rule of thirds

Football...The American version (bw)

Bball time

Mizzou Tigers played against McNeese State on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at Mizzou Arena in Columbia. The Tigers won 81-44.

The President

I've been lazy for the past two months. But that's going to change now. I got back to shooting on a daily basis. Throught the winter intersession I'll be shooting for The Missourian. One of my first assignments...a press conference. Exciting, huh? Well this are two images that I came up with from that event. The first one is just a photo-joke. It wasn't published, and I didn't expect that, but I guess it's good enough for my blog.

Gary Forsee, left, former chief executive of Sprint Nextel Corp., is introduced by UM Board Chair Don Walsworth as the new president of the University of Missouri System at a news conference Thursday at the Reynolds Alumni Center on the MU campus.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Classmate project

The captions could have been better written, I know, but I'm still working on this aspect. So here's my story about my classmate Amanda Wilson.


Amanda Wilson is 30 years old now and three semesters away from her MA degree in Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Amanda believes that she made a mistake in the past when she gave up a well-paid magazine art director position in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, to work for a newly opened hotel as Jack-of –all-trades in Puerto Rico. She thinks this decision generated a gap in her career’s evolution and now she’s trying to set things right.

“I feel like I’m behind,” says Amanda, and she works hard to catch up.

On October 1st Amanda's little sister, Alison, gave birth to Lucia, which is Amanda's first niece. "It's hard to look at the pictures in which my parents and my and my sister's friends are holding Lucia. It makes me feel home sick. I wish I were there," confesses Amanda. She is going to fly home for Thanksgiving Day.

Amanda is taking four classes this semester - most students in Graduate School take only three, and that keeps them really busy. She’s also working thirty hours a week as an art director for Vox Magazine.

Amanda doesn't have too many close friends in Columbia. However, she is not an isolated person but an open one who likes to chat with her classmates whenever she gets the chance

The gym is a regular activity for Amanda. She goes there four times a week.

Amanda's evening at home are usually dedicated to working. Sometimes she has to fulfill tasks for the magazine that she works for, but most of her hours are dedicated to school assignments.

Salads that she prepares for herself are among Amanda's favorite dishes. Watching soap operas is a way of disconnecting and relaxing for her. There's one that Amanda says that she's watching mostly because "it's a family tradition show. My mom watches it too."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Long Shots, Chillicothe

Small bar in a small town.
Mr Tully and his $2 hat, Sarah Cross and her smile.
This picture was taken with Chris Powers' camera.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Missouri Photo Workshop 59 is almost over. I'm still in Chillicothe Missouri waiting for the beers that I think I deserve after this intense week.
My brain has suffered some changes during this week. I, myself think that I've started to change. This is just the beginning of a long road. This is just my first step into a world that I was never before able to understand: picture story telling.
It's all about thinking.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First post

My third assignment for the Fundamentals of Photojournalism class was "Honest Emotion". This is what I came up with. The black & white photo is the one I submitted.