Sunday, December 14, 2008

stephens college basketball

coach dane pavlovich earned his master's degree in business administration yesterday and then led his team to the first victory in stephens' history against westminster college blue jays. it was a tight game and a tough fight. before the game dane and the team prayed together inside the locker room.

punk's not dead!

the abusers was founded in sedalia, mo, during the seventies. last night they got together after a 20 + some years break and made some serious noise at the cherry street artisan in columbia, mo. they sounded very well, and i would certainly like to see them on stage again. respekt!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the right to own, to bear and to love arms - episode 1

i met darin a week ago at a gun show. we talked for a while and i found out that he is a gunsmith and that he refurbishes firearms. last monday i paid him a visit at home, and he introduced me to his gun repair shop. that evening he started working on an ak-47 that was made in romania, and that -according to darin - never fired a single shot. after he's done with it, the gun will look like new, and ready to be sold. darin's job is not only to refurbish these arms, but also to trasnform them. an ak-47 is a fully automatic assault riffle. because in us it's illegal to own fully automatic weapons, darin transforms them in semi-automatic ones.
i took these shots to serve me as notes. i hope to go back there and hang out more with him.