Thursday, June 10, 2010

immigration march

on friday, may 21, a group of immigration rights activists set out for three-day 53-mile march along illinois route 14 starting from st. bartholomew church on the west side of chicago and ending in woodstock ill., in front of the mchenry county jail where suspected illegal immigrants are held before being deported. the activists were calling for an end to deportations and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
i met up with the group towards the end of their first day of marching, in arlington heights, ill. at the st. james catholic church where they were offered food and shelter. they had walked for 18 miles that day. i wanted to take a photograph that would show more than just a group of people walking on a road and holding up signs.

a member of the immigration rights activists group fell asleep on one of the mattresses provided by the volunteers at the st. james catholic church while the others gathered in a circle to share their stories at the end of their first day of marching.

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