Monday, April 7, 2008

i miss (real) football

yeah, i know people here call it soccer but i don't like to call it like that. this is football 'cause people who play it kick the ball with their feet!!! makes sense, no?
anyway, here this is a sport for women. from where i come from this is a sport for men. i had this interesting conversation today with a friend. i was trying to explain to her that when women play it this sport loses a lot of its beauty. i am not a misogynist pig. i just think that girls are better than guys at some sports and vice versa. she didn't agree with me.


katie said...

i love the second shot. i think your photos of this game refute your statement that girls playing make the game lose beauty.

cata said...

well, i might have been unfair to these girls but i grew up playing, breathing, thinking and dreaming of football and i'm very picky in my expectations when i watch a game. this is much more than just a sport. we call it "the king of sports"!
my photos of this game are far worse than the ones i used to take at men's games.
maybe it's not the girls fault though. maybe it's me... it just occurred to me.