Thursday, March 20, 2008

the blue (magenta?) fugue

Another Advanced Techniques assignment. This time it was the gelled flash. I'm not a big fan of flash photography and I definitely am not good at it - the picture bellow is an example - but I have to work my butt hard and learn how to use that tool. It might be useful sometimes.
So The Blue Fugue, downtown Columbia. A band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music sounded pretty good.
Let there be ROCK!!!


katie said...

ah... so not so bad. you need to bounce your flash further away, so you don't get so much light on the people up close. oh well... how are things?

cata said...

yeah, i realized that i should have bounced the flash in a different way, but only after i downloaded the images. the people up close are kinda burned by my flash.
things are ok. i finally have time for naps from time to time. and i also have enough time to clean my room in its every little details and corners.

Anca Pol said...

Well, I be damned, ui' ni peste cine dau! :)

cata said...

i'll be damned - in the good way- ce dreacu' mai faci dudue?
cum naiba de-ai ajuns p'aici?
fii binevenita sa te plimbi prin toate odaile umilului meu blog si sa-ti dai cu parerea despre pozele ce le azvirl pe pereti din cind in cind.

Anca Pol said...

Eheeei, voinice, cale lungă am bătut :) Pozele pe care le ţâpi tu pe pereţi îmi plac la maxim, de altfel, aşa că o să mai tot bântui pe aici.
Z'ua bună de la Timişoara!