Thursday, February 2, 2012

animal rights activists

these are images from two protests, organized by the same group, in the same location and with the same purpose. the first took place in december and the second happened last month. the organization's name is "cutu-cutu" which could be translated as "doggy-doggy" and it fights for animal rights. in this particular case these people were protesting against a new bill that, in an attempt to solve the stray dog problem that bucharest and other cities and towns in the country are dealing with, would allow the local authorities to euthanize the abandoned dogs that roam the streets.

in the end their and others' efforts led the romanian supreme court to declare the law unconstitutional.

note: the lady in the fourth image that looks like she was yelling was actually yawning. she did that every 20 seconds or so. i guess it was because the protest started quite early.

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katie said...

i wondered if that was a yell or a yawn! either way, i like it. :)