Saturday, October 24, 2009

yellow jackets beat the highlanders

The Windsor bench bursts with joy in anticipation of the game winning goal scored by Megan O'Neill during the second 10-minute sudden-death overtime period on Thursday, October22, 2009, in Windsor Vt.. Players, beginning third from left are Aleigha Sykes, 11, Alex Morley, dressed in street clothes, who couldn't play because a concussion she suffered in the previous game, Amanda Ashline, 4, Janine Lens, 1, Paige Townsend, 18, and Lillee VanReeth, 5. Windsor won the play-off against Harwood 1-0, and will play against Springfield in the next game.

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katie said...

look at you! getting caption info like a mofo! i'm loving this shot... so much emotion, so much energy. i love it.

Tully said...

awesome! post more!!

Hermes said...

what a great moment. Well played.