Thursday, November 20, 2008

road trip

another post with images that i shot for fun. i'm busy writing papers right now, but that'll be over soon. meanwhile, i try to snap here and there whenever i get a chance. it's a great cure for my congested brain.


katie said...

whoa. LOVE the overhead wine bottles shot...with all of the different colors, really nice.

and, i'm sorry - you went on a roadtrip to a winery without me?

cata said...

we went to st james with the picture story class/gang. we put together an audio slideshow and invited the people that we have photographed there to come and watch it. the whole thing took place at the meramec winery.

that shot is not an overhead. those bottles are actually inserted in a big round whole in one of the walls.
thanks for the comment.

donna said...