Saturday, October 18, 2008


i spent the last weekend with the policemen from st james, mo. i was allowed to go with them on patrols, but wasn't allowed to photograph the people that they would arrest, fine etc. i found it quite frustrating sometimes, but i understand why they asked me that. besides that, i've learned a lot about the work of an american policeman in a small town. for example, there's no animal police in st. james, so they have to deal with stray dogs, but they also keep and eye on the traffic, deal with domestic violence situations or drugs. i got along very well with all the policemen there and i was surprised to notice that even though most of the time they spend on the job they get to see the dark side of our world, they're not jaded at all. i might sound naive on this one, but this is what i felt after talking to them.
it's going to be hard to put together a story from what i have right now, but i knew from the beginning that my focus wouldn't be just one of the six policemen that work there, but the whole department. i will try to go back there at some point and take some more images.
these are a few shots that i've selected for the blog.


zach said...

these are terrific and it sounds like a cool story

Christine said...

Yeah, sounds like this could make an interesting story: not just re: St.James but small town US in general. It's interesting for me to catch a glimpse from within the police dept. and I think it's a good choice to focus on the entire dept since it is said that "comraderie" is such a big part of US police culture.

I wonder how these men fit into their own community...if they feel a bit isolated because of their work, defined by their work, and how their community sees them. I wonder what "comraderie" looks like.

donna said...