Monday, February 4, 2008

His wife was the "First Lady". What would he be called if Hillary wins?

I don't think I did a great job. I tried though.


w said...
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cata said...

thanks dude.
you are right, it's really hard to get good stuff on events like this, but i guess that's the fun part with this stuff.
it was a good exercise

Zachary Siebert said...

I agree with w that there are some rock solid shots in here. in addition to the flag and kid ones, i liked the signs reflected in the puddle alot. cool.

Fredman said...


Cool stuff dude. I like the overall tone and feel of these pictures, some great event coverage. Although I have to disagree about the kid with the light. While I like the composition, seeing, light, etc., of the photo, the odd eyes-closed mouth-gaping look on the kid's face doesn't say a whole lot. It's not really a strong moment for me, but an interesting frame nonetheless.


cata said...

thanx B. i tend to agree with you in what regards the kid's picture. i saw him late and by the time i pressed the shutter his father was taking him down from his shoulders. guess the light was bothering him because i snapped two frames and in both he has the eyes closed.