Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Long Shots, Chillicothe

Small bar in a small town.
Mr Tully and his $2 hat, Sarah Cross and her smile.
This picture was taken with Chris Powers' camera.


Christopher Powers said...

It's always strange when someone takes a great photo with your camera. Nice, but I feel like you made-out with my girlfriend.

Tully said...

Haha, that picture is awesome! I love it dude. Even if it weren't me in there, I think it's baller.

cata said...

hey, chris, I totally agree to you. I would feel the same.
it was just a little flirt:)

tully, this pic is baller because of you and your hat. you look almost like a gangsta after a day of shooting people. some obscure bar, one beer, the machine gun on the table, just in case, one chick next to you and lots of smoke.

great times we had there:)

Z.T. Siebert said...

wow, baller foto, dude. I need to get my mpw pics up, too. sheeeeit.